Thursday, April 26, 2012

Evidence my Solar Plexus Chakra is Balanced

   I don't like to sit around and wait for good things to happen on their own but instead, I like to do what I can to make my life the same as the life I envision myself living. I try to get as much as I can out of the opportunities that are presented to me while ensuring that I am opening up doors for myself on my own. If I am not happy with something in my life, I am determined to make things better instead of sitting back and letting the unhappiness fester inside me. I try to always turn my homework in on time and maintain a responsible lifestyle so I can reach my full potential in school. I try to take classes that I know will challenge me and lead me to achieve a higher intellect. I also know that my Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced because I feel secure with my friends and family and feel that I can trust them with almost anything.     

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